Diploma in Equine Podiatry

The Diploma in Equine Podiatry is a two year, part time course which consists of 13 modules.  Most modules require attendance on a short course, followed by guided self study and homework. As most students are holding down other jobs while studying for this qualification, course dates have been structured to make use of weekends as much as possible.

The course content has been carefully structured to ensure it will easily surpass the National Occupational Standard which was published by LANTRA, the Government-licensed Sector Skills Council in April 2010.  The aim of the National Occupational Standard is to ensure that in future, anyone practising in the field of non-farriery based hoofcare must demonstrate a minimum standard of education and proficiency.

In addition, Equine Podiatry Training Ltd is working to ensure the examination process reaches nationally recognised standards.

Student dissecting a foot

A student working on a dissection of a cadaver foot

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