Why choose this course?

  • The student to teacher ratio is deliberately kept small - no more than 10:1 for classroom work and a maximum of 5:1 for practical work, including a large amount of individual tuition
  • Mentored case studies allow students to follow the progression of eight footcare cases for a six month period under close supervision before they qualify
  • Training is provided by world leaders in a wide range of disciplines including veterinary science, farriery, nutrition and horse handling
  • The course consists of 13 modules, all of which are unique and build on each other to provide all of the necessary skills for the job
  • The examination system is independently adjudicated to ensure it is fair and transparent
  • The depth of tuition and required knowledge is much greater than any other barefoot trimming course available today.  For a course overview, click here.
  • This is the only course that provides in depth training in foot pathologies
  • The main tutors and mentors on the course are some of the most experienced Equine Podiatrists in the UK
  • The training course is tailored to understanding the particular problems the UK climate brings to the barefoot horse
  • Course material is based on the latest information from world leading researchers and continuously updated
  • During the course students participate in research studies to help them to better understand how science-based research helps develop the discipline
  • The syllabus exceeds the new National Occupational Standard developed by LANTRA to promote a high standard of education for all barefoot trimmers in the UK. It is also well placed to be ready for the new regulatory regime currently being discussed between barefoot trimming groups and government.
  • Students receive a high level of support through file sharing, an online discussion forum, direct contact with their tutors and mentors
  • All students accepted on the course automatically become student members of the Equine Podiatry Association
  • Students are actively encouraged to question and explore the rationale behind everything they are taught, and to seek additional training from wherever they choose
  • Students are required to carry out extensive self study, closely guided by their tutors, to ensure they can attain the high standards (80% pass mark) needed to pass each module.

Student trimming a hoof

A student trimming a hoof